Women's Running Shoes

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Women's Running Shoes

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Cushioning (Neutral)

Designed for athletes who desire both comfort and style for their workouts, these women's running shoes deliver just the right amount of cushioning.

Supportive (Stability)

Support your run with some of the best women's stability and motion control running shoes. New Balance’s cutting edge designs can help control pronation while keeping your feet comfortable with additional support.

All Terrain (Trail)

Take the path less travelled in some of the best trail running shoes for women. From minimal to cushioned support, this collection provides a wide variety of options so that you can find the perfect pair of shoes, no matter where the trail takes you.


Built and designed for competitive runners seeking a fast ride and reliable support.

Running Shoes for Women

New Balance running shoes for women, ranging from racing-flats to mountain-crunching trail shoes. Designed to meet the unique needs of runners, our variety of styles deliver the cushioning, stability or lightweight feel you need to perform your best. Constantly evolving and ever-changing to improve our range running shoes, New Balance is committed to bringing you fresh, high-performing products every time.

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