Women's Running Shoes


The material that absorbs the impact of the wearer's foot against the ground. Cushioning may vary in overall amount, density, and firmness. Generally, the more cushioning utilized, the "softer" a shoe will feel underfoot. A shoe's "drop" is the height difference from the heel of the shoe to the forefoot. Shoes with a higher drop tend to be favored by runners who land heel-first. Lower drops are often favored by forefoot or midfoot strikers.
Due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to drop heights are approximate.
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Women's Running Shoes


Running Shoes for Women

For casual joggers, seasoned runners and everyone in between. Find the best running shoes for women who love to hit the trails and run faster on the open road.


Discover our best selling women’s running shoes that are comfortable, durable and high quality.


Designed for athletes and seasoned runners who crave comfortable and stylish running trainers to compliment their workout clothing. Just the right amount of cushioning combined makes these women's running shoes the perfect training partner for long distance running.


Fusing cutting-edge designs with ultra comfortable foams for underfoot stability (even with socks), these women’s running shoes are built to support your run. Control overpronation and give your feet the protection they need to keep you moving.


Engineered for next-level performance and protection, meet our collection of Fresh Foam X women’s running shoes. Designed with our signature Fresh Foam cushioning, they’re a durable companion for the ride ahead.


FuelCell foam delivers the highest energy return of our performance foams to help you run faster. The technology is designed through data-driven midsole shaping, offering optimised transitions that help seasoned runners everywhere get the most out of every run.


Fearlessly blaze a new path in functional and durable women’s trail running shoes. Designed for those who love to run the back roads and beyond, we’ve got a variety of options to keep your feet comfortable and supported out on the trail.


‘Less is more’ is the mantra of these women’s running shoes. Low-profile and lightweight, easy to match with your workout tights and pants, and enough cushioning to feel like you’re barefoot but supported.