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The power of music when exercising is undeniable, especially when you're trying to push yourself to the next level.

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NB 101: My wife and kicks

With a double-degree in New Balance sneak-ology and his own successful blog 'My Wife And Kicks', Adrian Daniel is a NB fanatic and authority in the sneakerhead community.

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Influencer edit: chunky sneaker

If you were afraid that the chunky sneaker craze had been and gone, GUESS WHAT, fashionista's are STILL all over these style statements.

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Styling with Holly Estelle

We asked local stylist Holly Estelle for her advice on introducing this style into your wardrobe for summer, without looking like you're about to fire up the barbeque.

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Be the exception

We're all on different paths, going to different places. Whether you're beginning your journey, or are well on your way, know there's always room to grow - You were created for more.

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Exercise to destress

When it comes to good health, physical activity matters. You know that exercise does your body good, but you’re too busy (or stressed) to fit it into your routine - Fair enough!

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