Make a difference from anywhere on the court.

The responsive cushioning, propulsive energy return of the KAWHI and TWO WXY are built for the speed of the modern game.
NB Hoops

Performance-led innovation and quality is in our DNA, and our basketball shoes are no exception. Our outlook on basketball can be summed up simply. What happens on the court matters most. While our forward-thinking designs are on the cutting edge of style, as well as performance, each step of the way is taken with a specific purpose in mind, fulfilling a specific physical demand placed on both shoe and player by the fast pace and sudden transitions of the game. We make the basketball player’s basketball shoe.

Behind Kawhi’s Signature Shoe.
“The KAWHI is a highly technical basketball shoe designed with Kawhi and meant to be worn on the court or the street. Starting with a blank white board and sketching and ideating with Kawhi has allowed us to infuse every colorway with his personal touches.” - Design Director for Basketball Jon Grondin
The TWO WXY – Behind the Design.
“With the TWO WXY, we wanted to create something that players at any level would not only want to wear, but need to wear, if they wish to perform at the highest level. For decades, the focus of the basketball shoe world has been more on the superstar names and less on performance. The TWO WXY is all about the technology and giving every player, whether they’re competing for an NBA championship or a state title, the same opportunity to maximize their potential.” Design Director for Basketball Jon Grondin
This is Kawhi.
The NB Hoops roster.

Our roster of signature athletes embodies the New Balance approach to basketball. Dynamic, game changing performance that has no intention of following a prewritten script.

Darius Bazley 

Jamal Murray

Dejounte Murray

Aaron Nesmith