Inspired by women everywhere.

This month, we look to our New Balance athletes for inspiration on finding strength from women everywhere.

As a 100/200m athlete, Symone Tafuna’i had a strong relationship with running and bond with the track. However, when she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety in her early twenties, her athletics aspirations and goals went into turmoil. With the help of her supportive parents, Symone made the courageous decision to see a councillor to work on winning her battle with mental illness. Through diligence and hard work, a newfound self-compassion and love for her sport ensued.

Without track, I wouldn’t have built this confidence, this resilience I have now. Whatever I’ve learnt and dealt with within track, I put the same mindset into different areas of my life. And no matter how old I get; it’ll still be with me.

The whole stigma that ‘females are too emotional’, I think that’s a load of crap. Everyone is emotional. The more accepting people are, especially with mental health, the better the conversation will be.

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"Don't compare yourself to others. Your growth is your own. Stay true to who you are." Sydney MxLaughlin, World Athletics Champion 4x400m

"I just wanna see the girls level up and continue to get buck. I want to help set that bar high." - Samarria Brevard, First Black Woman to Medal in the X Games

"I feel very strong right now. A resilient girl never gives up." Tatiana Pinto, Portugal Cup Football Champion