November 2018

In case you missed the memo, the dad sneaker trend is back. Athough intimidating at first, rocking chunky shoes is easy when you've got some style inspo. We asked local stylist Holly Estelle for her advice on introducing this style into your wardrobe for summer, without looking like you're about to fire up the barbeque.

Make Them Your Own

What about the chunky shoe trend appeals to you?

I’m going to be completely honest here. I had never considered trying or styling a chunky shoe. But that’s what I love about fashion and having the opportunity to work with brands such as New Balance. I can style and create content with pieces that I wouldn’t normally pull off the rack myself. Every collaboration challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with my style. I encourage the brands I work with to throw me pieces that they may not expect to see in my feed. So when the chunky dad shoe arrived I was excited to play around with what I had in my wardrobe and style it with some pieces you wouldn’t expect. I have long skinny feet so what I like about the chunky dad shoe is the shorter wider fit, it compliments my foot shape making them look smaller than they are!

What separates a good chunky dad shoe from just a shoe you would find in your dad's wardrobe?

Clean and crisp. The soles are chunkier and higher than what my dad had in his wardrobe!

What are the best ways to style the silhouette?

I have a general rule when it comes to fashion. I don't style bulky with bulky. So if I have a wide leg pant on, I’ll style with a slimmer fitting top. When styling the chunky dad shoe, I would be careful not to overdo the baggy look. In saying that, it completely depends on your body shape as I have seen girls on the streets of NYC pulling off the ‘suit and chunky dad shoe’ look flawlessly, whereas I would disappear. Balance is key, so if you are wearing the shoe with wide leg pant accessorise with statement earrings or necklace.

What should you avoid when trying to pull off this trend?

I would personally stay away from skinny jeans, but then again you don't want to
overdo the baggy so it could work on some!

When shouldn’t you break out your chunky dad sneakers?

On the golf course, a fine dining restaurant or in the bedroom...

For someone who hasn’t worn the dad sneaker before, where should you start?

Instagram! The chunky dad shoe is dominating the news feeds this year and with a simple hashtag search, you can be inspired by people all over the world, celebrating and showcasing their unique style and interpretation of the chunky dad shoe look.

How can you dress the style up?

Blazers, jewellery and accessories. A blazer thrown over a casual outfit can effortlessly takes a look from Sunday casual to evening casual. I have fallen back in love with my pearls too so would pop my pearl earrings and bracelet on with my tweed blazer and pair with the yellow colourway.

The style has appeared at Fashion Weeks across the globe. What is a Kiwi spin on this style?

Kiwi fashion has always had a tomboy look and feel, so this is a style that I feel many kiwis would be confident pulling off. My own spin on this style is incorporating bright colours and classic elegant pieces that contrast against the casual tomboy style of the shoe.



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