April 2019

If you were afraid that the chunky sneaker craze had been and gone, GUESS WHAT,
fashionista's are STILL all over these style statements. They're cumbersome, they're quirky, and they're sticking around for autumn. With help from 4 kiwi influencers muuuuuch more fashionable than us, read up on ways in which you could make this trend work for you.

Galilee Lambert is the founder of 'The Millennial Bosses', a new platform inspiring young people to focus on their fashion and design dreams. Passionate about style, Galilee describes her style as, "colourful, edgy and tomboy with a feminine touch." Looking to sports brands, Galilee loves to incorporate pieces into her everyday street style; "You should see my wardrobe... chunky sneakers are basically all I wear! I believe the outfit AND sneaker should work together to bring a look to life." Take note!

Founder of popular rental store Designer Wardrobe, Donielle Brooke's biggest 'pinch-me' moment came from opening DW's first stand-alone store, only 5 years after launching DW.co.nz. Being entrenched in the fashion world, Donielle loves to look to sports brands for personal style inspiration and loves incorporating pieces into her everyday look. "I would describe my style as feminine with a little edge. I LOVE pretty dresses and mixing these with something like a chunky sneaker. They go with every style: activewear, weekend-wear, even work-wear. I love how they're so versatile."

When she's not captaining the New Zealand Athletics Team, NB runner Symone Tafunai is channelling serious style inspo on her Instagram. "My style comes from a mixture of streetwear and athleisure, but I like to keep it original and authentic with a modern twist." Taking inspiration from throwback TV and movies like Prince of Bel Air and Clueless, Symone ties in old school '90s vibes and LOVES how the chunky shoe trend has come back into fashion. "The chunky shoe is extremely versatile as you can dress it up or down based on your style. I even pair them with activewear!"

Entrepreneur and influencer Mary Outram made waves when her humble business 'By Mary T-Shirts' took off. "It's crazy to think I can have an idea for something and people respond so positively to it; that they want to purchase and wear something you have made!" Taking inspiration from a range of themes, Mary describes her style as 'classic and clean', pairing designer handbags with a basics look from Glassons, or chunky shoes with a colourful blazer. "It's not all about the price tag of something, and I think that's super important. You can easily create an outfit which reflects a clean and classic look with anything in your wardrobe. Mix and match, trial and error... have a go!"


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