October 2018

We're all on different paths, going to different places. Whether you're beginning your journey, or are a well on your way, know there's always room to grow - You were created for more. Discover what it means to be the exception, how to overcome challenges, find inspiration, and hear from exceptional women from the NB community, Olivia Eaton, Libby Angus and Kayla Greenville, along the way.

Being The Exception

You were made to take a step up and a step beyond the norm; to challenge the status quo; to be courageous, and to reach excellence within yourself. All that limits us from reaching our ultimate potential is ourselves. If there was a most wanted list for people who will try and stop you from pursuing your dream to be the exception, you are public enemy #1!

Fitness coach Kayla Greenville talks about aligning her body with the seasons - "We already have everything we already need to succeed, so it's about being mindful, practicing self-love, and knowing you are so much stronger than your circumstances. You have the ability to be resilient and live an exceptional life, and to grow into the person you dream of being."

Overcoming Challenges

The journey is always bittersweet: you'll never get to easy unless you go through hard. It's never plain sailing, often filled with curve balls coming at you at different directions, speeds, and with varying ramifications. In order to be the exception, you have to fight through these exceptional circumstances, taking this misfortune and turning it into a ladder that will lead you to your dreams.

Often it's about finding perspective - Taking a step back and assessing your thoughts, emotions and physiology. Once you're able to gage where your mind and body are at, it's about setting goals, dissecting the challenge into smaller, more achievable steps, and putting the work in. "No matter what the setbacks, keep chipping away and you will succeed," says NB sprinter Olivia Eaton.

Trusting the process and your ability, whilst difficult, is one of the most important things according to fitness athlete Libby Angus. Libby talks about the a time when she thought she was close to failure:

"For a competition I did really well in, about two or three weeks before I literally was like ‘I am giving up, I am done'. It was hitting this point that forced Libby to realise "If you sit back, relax and go with the flow" it will all come together the way it is meant to."

Finding Inspiration

Finding and acting on inspiration when a challenge arises is a steadfast way to get your journey in the fast lane. Libby Angus talks about surrounding herself with real people, those who use this authenticity to connect with others. "Make a conscious decision to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Nothing will motivate you more than people who strive to be the exception, loving what they do and doing what they love. Even if you're not there yet, it's the hunger that will make you feel alive."

So take the time to do what you love, and chip away at it even after setbacks. Put energy and passion into it, and ride the wave - everything will come together in the end. In the wise words of Kayla Greenville; "every single moment is an opportunity to choose how great your life is, you get to decide."


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