Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.
An Innovative Approach to Athletic Footwear
About NB - Domestic Manufacturing
Because feet don't come in one or two widths, and because shoes that fit better perform better, New Balance shoes come in a wide range of widths and sizes.
Our philosophy is simple: Listen, learn and refine. It's an approach to technology that puts us face to face with world class athletes and everyday athletes alike. It keeps us focused on the goal we share with everyone who runs, walks or competes.
Responsible Leadership - Community Responsible Leadership - Environment Responsible Leadership - Organization
Our responsible leadership efforts are based on the values that lead our business
The foundation of our responsible leadership goals is our people. This global movement is based on our company and associates giving back, moving the environment forward and encouraging people to act as catalysts and coaches.
USA Manufacturing
About NB - Domestic Manufacturing
We're proud of our commitment to USA manufacturing.
New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the US. Twenty-five percent of New Balance shoes sold domestically are produced by our US workforce, using US and imported materials.
Premium athletic footwear and apparel
meeting the needs of the everyday athlete.
Casual women's footwear with remarkable
fit, comfort, performance and style.
Performance products for lacrosse,
soccer, field hockey and volleyball.
Contemporary women’s footwear featuring
premium materials, colors and comfort.
Distinctly styled, comfortable men's
footwear for work and casual wear.
Action shoes that are the original synergy
of good looks and active comfort.
Innovative performance products for
lacrosse, hockey and soccer.
Responsible Leadership Report

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